Sunday, 14 August 2011


Details of our programme of courses for the EQE 2012, including the new Pre-Exam, are now posted on

The 2 day Pre-Exam course will be held on 8-9 December 2011, while the main suite of Papers A, B, C and D courses are on 9-13 January 2012, with a linked Paper D Introduction course on 9 December 2011, for those seeking an additional day of depth and practice.

There are special discounts for those taking the full suite of courses and there are Chemical and MEL alternatives for Papers A&B.

Courses are in Milton Keynes.

Sept 2011 JEB Course Availability

There has been a high level of bookings for all courses this year and we now have availability on only the following courses:

- Basic English Law 11/A on 7-8 Sept (v. few places)
- P2 11/H on 8-9 Sept(v. few places)
- P3 11/L on 6-7 Sept v. few places)
- P4 11/M on 5-6 Sept(v. few places)
- P6 11/P on 31 Aug-1 Sept
- P6 11/S on 30 Sept
- T3 11/T on 23-24 Sept (v. few places)
- T6 on 22 Sept 2011 (v. few places)

Joining instructions have been posted to attendees, so if you have not received them, let us know.