Sunday, 20 March 2011

July and August-September 2011 JEB Exam Revision Courses

For those who sat the JEB exams in November 2010, we wish you every success when the results are released shortly.

Also for those who recently sat the EQE, we hope things went well.

We now have our programme of courses for the 2011 JEB exams in place. These include advanced level patent 'early bird' courses in July, including one on P3 by Iain Russell, author of the popular Guide to Passing P3.

The main suite of Foundation and Advanced Level patent courses are in August to September 2011, with a special refresher course on P6 at the end of September by Nigel Frankland, author of the Guide to Passing P6.

We also have a suite of advanced level trade mark courses (T3, T4 and T6) between 21-24 September 2011.

To help those travelling from a distance, we are providing free accommodation at the venue between courses when one course finishes at 5.30-6pm and the next course starts the next morning.

There are also discounts for firms/people booking 5 or more courses.